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Lil Herb aka The Arrival, debut Single,

"I Need Love".
Now Available on Arrival Entertainment |

Digital Downloads:

iTunes | Google Play | Sound Cloud 

Artist:  Lil Herb aka The Arrival
Single:  I Need Love
Label:  Arrival Entertainment
Genre:  Hip-Hop / Rap
ISRC:  US-UB2-13-00013

Executive Producer:  Herb/

Lil Herb AKA The Arrival


A&R:  Cambrie Entertainment | Herb


Artist Development:  Cambrie Entertainment |  Herb

Art Direction:  Cambrie Entertainment | Herb

Management:  Cambrie Entertainment | Herb

Public Relations:  Cambrie Entertainment | Herb

Producer(s):  Herb/ G Fella / Finn 

Lil Herb aka The Arrival

Writers:  Bobby Ervin, Steve Ettinger, Darryl LaMont Pierce, Dwayne Emil Simon, James Todd Smith.

Music Publishers: 

- WB Music Corp. OBO LL Cool J Music  

- Universal Music Corp. OBO Def Jam Music, Inc.

Recording Engineers:  G Fella / Finn

Mixing Engineer:  G Fella

Mixed: G Fella / Herb /

Lil Herb aka The Arrival

Mastering:  George

Lil Herb aka The Arrival:  Lead & Background Vocals.

Finn:  Keyboards & Drum Programming.

Art Direction:  Herb/

Lil Herb AKA The Arrival

Photography:  Angela V.

Photography Editing:  Angela V.| Herb

Graphic Design: BBMG - AJ / Herb /

Lil Herb aka The Arrival

Wardrobe:  Arrival Entertainment |Official Artist MERCH 

Artist Merchandise Design:

- Arrival Entertainment

- Cambrie Entertainment

Hair Stylist/Master Barber:  Ed Johnson

Manufactured / Marketed / Distributed by Arrival Entertainment

Copyright 2021.  Arrival Entertainment. Group< LLC

Rights Reserved (Licensed Cover Song)




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